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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tree Trimmin Tuesday

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The endive app went over very well! Jeff's stepdad Preston suggested some hot sauce so we all tried it out, the verdict was they were delicious either way!

I had a few of the endive with this mich ultra ( there's the hottest hot sauce ever and behind them is the empty plate!)
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The Family Decorating ( Preston and Melissa - don't worry I am emailing you all the photos after I'm done posting here!)

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hmmmm Dinnner: Pasta Figole Soup

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Decilicious-ness is a bowl! I added some cheese and three small slices of bread. The bread was nice and crusty but soft and chewy inside, perfect!

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After dinner I had this glass of merlot... Delicious as well.

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I was mistaken and Jeff's mom had not yet started christmas cookies, but....Melissa brought these back from a cookie exchange!

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I had this guy- he was peanut butter and then I'm pretty sugar it was covered in a ball of frosting. This is exactly what I would have wanted- I love frosting and I love peanut butter...

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And then I had bites of a ginger softie ( melissa made it - it was fantastic) and i tried pieces of a few others, and that chocolate chip/pecan/raisin cookie (it's above the tree w/blue icing-)

Thanks for having us over as always Mom & Preston!

We went to Jeff's hockey game afterwards... The team lost but Jeff passed the puck really well! I was SO impressed! One of our friend's girlfriends came to the game so I had a great time chatting with her as well!


VeggieGirl said...

Hooray for decorating!!